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We foster close relationships with our clients.
We understand that you want to know your attorney and
want your attorney to be invested in you and your legal matter.


We fully recognize that any individual that consults with an attorney is usually confronted with a set of circumstances or situations which were beyond their control and which need an immediate or long-term solution. Any client deserves an honest and valid assessment of their case. Regardless of the type of attorney that you are looking for, we will provide you with aggressive legal representation and personal attention.

We are committed to helping all of his clients recover physically and emotionally from not only severe personal injuries, but also from whatever circumstances that life has thrown in their “lap”.

As your counsel, we will work with you to guide you through the complicated legal system, answer your questions, and work diligently to build an effective case and help obtain the compensation or results that you need for a complete recovery, regardless of the type of case.

Contrary to what you may have heard or seen on other media, we do not believe that when an individual has suffered serious injury or personal loss, that their loss should be minimized to a “jingle” which implies that their case is like “winning the lottery”. The reality is that individuals who are seriously injured or have lost a family member as a result of a serious accident will face a lifetime of continued medical treatment and medical issues, the loss of a loved one and the economic perils associated with each of these situations. These are serious situations and each client needs to be treated with dignity and respect.

The secret to our success is a simple formula and time-tested practice which consists of the following: A full investigation of the facts; hard, honest and thorough preparation of the evidence and a willingness and dedication to putting in the time and commitment to each client’s case until its final resolution.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent your interests in the Southwest Kansas and surrounding area, please call Richard L. Marquez at 620-275-9193.

Richard L. Marquez is licensed to practice in the State of Kansas; U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Community Service

Richard has been a lecturer on various occasions to Latino students at several academic institutions throughout Garden City, Kansas. He has also been a guest speaker at various public forum meetings involving the local Hispanic community.

Additionally, Richard has served on the Board of Directors for the Garden City YMCA as well as serving as the President of the Garden City YMCA.