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Our Mission

Personal Commitment

Richard L. Marquez is committed to providing you and your case an unsurpassed level of personal attention and responsiveness. His commitment to clients and their cases is evident through his proven success and track record.

Professional Perspective

Regardless of the type of case, Richard is dedicated to representing all of his clients with the utmost care and professionalism while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Richard recognizes that regardless of whether your case involves a child custody matter, a criminal case or a case involving victims of personal injury, workers compensation, brain injury or car or trucking accident cases, personal attention to the Client’s needs and desires while operating within the framework of the facts and issues of their case is critical to success in any case.

Richard Marquez is passionate about the law. He is also passionate about representing those individuals that are often referred to as the “little guy”. Mr. Marquez has spent his entire career representing the “little guy” by litigating cases against the government (both State and Federal), governmental agencies, physicians, hospitals, insurance carriers and major corporations all of which have been diverse and difficult cases. He has experienced tremendous success in each of these areas simply by focusing on hard work, full investigation and development of the facts of each case combined with attention to detail. Truly, Mr. Marquez is committed to excellence in the practice of law.

Development of Personal Relationships

Mr. Marquez and his staff believe that any client is a person “first” and deserves to be treated in that fashion. They also recognize that in most instances an individual is seeking the assistance of counsel because they have suffered a traumatic event in their life.  He also recognizes that in all likelihood that individual does not want to be consulting with an attorney at all.

Based on his diverse practice, he has represented individuals who have experienced and been forced to endure tremendous anguish, stress and suffering. These experiences have provided Mr. Marquez with the knowledge necessary to not only examine and develop your case, but to also become invested in you and in the outcome of the case.