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Vhonda K. Marquez

Legal Assistant

Vhonda K. Marquez

Vhonda Marquez was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas. With the exception of a brief departure to Southwest Kansas, Vhonda has been a lifetime resident of Garden City, Kansas.

Vhonda has worked for Richard for over 20 years. She is truly Richard’s “right hand” and will be able to assist you fully on those occasions when Mr. Marquez is assisting other clients, working on other cases or is in court.

Vhonda fully understands and recognizes that any individual that consults with or desires a consultation is generally confronted with a set of circumstances or situations which are beyond their control and which need an immediate or long term solution. Based on her long term working relationship with Mr. Marquez, in most cases, she has the ability to understand and provide immediate assistance to existing and/or prospective clients whether it be providing practical short term advice or assisting you with the scheduling of appointments, obtaining important information or a myriad of other factors.